Delmar not only installs and maintains mooring systems for drilling rigs, drillships, semisubmersibles, floating production systems, and oil barges, but also provides a complete inventory of mooring components for sale, rent, or rent-purchase.

This includes complete mooring systems, high holding anchors, large diameter chain, chase and extension wires, high capacity spooling units, and inspected connections. Recovery and deployment of these mooring systems is performed by Delmar's highly experienced professional anchor handling crews.

Delmar provides a wide variety of wire maintenance services including wire rope socket terminations and inspection, cleaning, and coating of wire rope in sizes 2" to 3 3/4". Delmar designed and built a wire rope coating unit capable of coating wire rope in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.

Through its joint venture partners, Delmar provides chain inspection services, including recertification, repair, and upgrades of heavy-duty mooring chain. Specialists' work includes services on semisubmersible rigs, floating production units, and offshore installations with all chain grades and sizes under all classification society and national authorities.