Quality and Safety

Delmar is the world leader in providing the safest, most efficient mooring operations possible and has built a 45-year history of safe work performance. Using pre-job procedures, post-job reports, and active personnel screening, safety risks are resolved before they are encountered, improving Delmar's already outstanding safety record.

The safety and welfare of our employees is of the utmost importance to the company. Delmar continues to make significant improvements to an already outstanding safety program. Rigorous pre-employment screening, hiring and training are implemented, as anchor-handling candidates join the physically demanding and challenging offshore work environment. Each employee is a "safety representative" of the company, in which teamwork results in each person being responsible for every other crewmember's safety and performance.

Whether offshore during an assignment or on time off, safety is essential in maintaining quality of life and having healthy, well-qualified, and long service life employees. Delmar's theme of "safety pays" instills the knowledge that productivity and safety are truly inseparable through the following principles:

  • Safety of each employee, safety of the company operation, and safety of the public are of the utmost importance.
  • Delmar is committed to reducing the possibility of accidents.
  • Delmar complies with all federal and state laws, as well as adhering to industry standards.
  • Responsibility for the implementation of safety regulations, procedures, and policies lies with management.
  • Responsibility for the observance of safety regulations and the maintenance of safe conduct lies with each individual employee regardless of his or her job classification.

All levels of management, including operations officers, managers, foremen and superintendents, are charged with the maintenance and enforcement of Delmar's safety program. Delmar's incentive-based safety bonus program is designed to compensate for demonstration of excellent and safe working practices. Delmar is committed to providing a safe work environment, safe equipment and most importantly to establish safe practices at all times.